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Date: 02/24/2022

Why choose a PVC deck for my home

The PVC Deck provides a definitive solution to flooring sectors near swimming pools, on terraces, walkways and all those places where a weather-resistant and maintenance-free floor is required. It is a product made of 100% extruded rigid PVC, with a unique design that allows quick installation, easy cleaning and is environmentally friendly.

PVC decks offer endless advantages, come and see some of them…

  • It has a durability between two and three times greater than that of a traditional deck.
  • The tone of the colors and their careful finish give it an identity of its own that stands out.
  • The use of PVC additives with agents resistant to UV rays provide greater stability in colors and texture.
  • The rough surface texture of the plates prevents slippage, ensuring safe travel even on wet surfaces.
  • Its alveolar structure gives it great resistance to bending and normal traffic and impact loads.
  • Does not splinter, making it a safe product for transit.
  • The PVC used for its construction does not absorb water, so it is resistant to rain, fog or humidity in general.
  • Does not require maintenance, since its properties are maintained without the need to paint it, seal it or apply any other treatment to the surface.
  • The materials do not have aggregates of organic particles, so they do not produce fungus or mold of any kind.
  • It is resistant to attack by termites, ants, and other insects.
  • It can be easily cleaned with water, neutral detergents and a bristle brush, or by pressure washing.
  • It is a 100% recyclable product, made with lead-free PVC.

All of these benefits stand out against the prospect of splinters, fungus or cracked boards that need to be replaced, not to mention the occasional painting and waterproofing job that traditional wood decks need to extend their useful life.

Where can a PVC deck be placed?

Taking into account that a PVC deck is similar to wood and can be placed in interior and exterior spaces.

  • Place PVC deck on land.

The structure of a deck floor can be installed on almost any type of surface, even directly on the ground since they are able to easily adapt to the ground where they are placed. Although it is always recommended to make a cement folder to have a more solid and level base.

If you want to place the deck on land, it is possible, as long as it is a compacted terrain and if the ground is uneven or has irregularities, it can also serve as a base to place a PVC deck. In these cases, the installation is more complex, so the most appropriate thing to do would be to request professional advice.

  • Place PVC deck on cement floor

The cement floor is the best base to place a PVC deck. This allows for easy installation, but also easy removal should the deck floor be disassembled in the future. It is recommended to place a layer of asphalt membrane with polyethylene and aluminum to prevent leaks and moisture accumulation.

Now, as we know how to choose PVC coverings for the home and bearing in mind that it is an excellent option thanks to the advantages that this material provides. Thus, PVC decks are the most chosen in recent times thanks to their multiple benefits.

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