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Date: 04/11/2022

Which pavers are best for patio

Nowadays, in patio pavers installation, there is a tendency to dare to use another type of material or color that is not gray or beige. If you are looking for examples of the best options for installing patio pavers, this is the perfect guide.
Whether you want to decorate your patio from scratch or update your patio decor, both decisions rest on updating the overall look of your home, especially the exterior of your home. We know that your choice depends on your intentions in terms of style and what you have in mind to use the patio for, be it gatherings with friends, family or the community, or simply looking to create a more welcoming area for your resting place. . Also, among your knowledge, you have to be sure of the budget you plan to spend and what you could access.

Basic materials most used by pavers companies.

  • Concrete.

For many years it has been shown that concrete is synonymous with yard paving, due to its economic nature and its rapid adaptation to the place to be installed. At its most basic, it stands out as being soft and low-key, but in recent times it has been combined with tile or brick finishes. Its popularity is due to the wide range of versatile appearances and its great durability, which goes hand in hand with the great economic accessibility that installing concrete pavers in the patio represents.

  • Natural stone.

The relaxing, rustic and even comfortable effect provided by the installation of natural stone in its different presentations of sandstone, limestone, slate and granite is undeniable. And it perfectly complements any color you choose to contrast your patio decor. It is more than known that it requires professional installation to ensure a correct setting pavers with the necessary materials for a guaranteed duration. Nor does it escape the tendency to crack over the years, due to being a material extracted from nature. And by that same nature, the exact amount must be ensured before starting any project, so as not to leave the chosen pattern for decoration halfway through construction.

  • Brick.

Its versatility has made it one of the classic materials for decorating patios and pool decks, it has the power to present itself as rustic, if that type of design is chosen, or look formal, all depending on the color and finish chosen. . It can mean different sensations depending on the installation pattern chosen: circular, stacked, herringbone and basket weave. As for the size, because it is generally small, unlike other materials, a large number of bricks are required for any type of project. But, the great advantage is that in the long term they are a safe investment, due to their long duration and support for large weights. One of the attractions of this material is its non-slip capacity, but hiring a professional is the most appropriate, who can work on the drainage of the bricks in times of rain.

Innovative Materials Used for Patio Paver Installation

  • Porcelain pavers.

They have earned a high position among the choices to install in the patio for being durable, weather resistant, ecological, easy to clean and install, plus the beauty of their finishes and that they combine with any other type of style and decoration. It retains its natural qualities after being molded into the precise shape and size that was envisioned for it. These capture the entire natural look of slate and granite without the difficulty of installation or permeability. And the best thing is that it does not require any special maintenance, with an occasional pressure wash they will shine like the day they were installed. If you want to incorporate light colors into the decoration of your home, porcelain pavers are definitely the perfect choice, their colors range from white, beige, tan and gray. The installation will proceed without problems even if it were on any other type of base material. And if you ever need to replace any, it will be done without any obstruction, thanks to the fact that they are light and thin.

  • Concrete pavers

Concrete pavers are also a spectacular versatile option due to their variety of colors, textures and shapes. And they also stand out for their ease of installation, maintenance and care. And they are not damaged by cold climates.

  • Granite

Granite pavers require very little care and maintenance to maintain their appearance and are incredibly resistant to heavy objects, knocks, or changes in weather.

  • Limestone

For homes with swimming pools, it is the infallible solution, as it is non-slip and resistant to changes in temperature. It is so resistant to wear and tear that it is the favorite to be installed in shopping centers or places with a lot of foot traffic. The variety of colors of this type of material is also what makes so many people stay with it.

  • Slab

Naturally, the slab is resistant to humidity, which means that it will avoid staying wet for a long time, which makes it a non-slip material. Flagstone pavers also easily survive heat, making it a cool material for summer.

  • Slate

For people who have small children running around the house, this is the preferred material, due to its non-slip character, durability, various designs and resistance to moisture. It is completely worth the price that could be paid for it.

All these types of materials fit perfectly with any home, you just have to analyze which is the one that best suits your style already defined in the decoration of your patio or which is the type of pavers that will best suit the use you want to give your playground.

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