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Date: 04/02/2023

What Is Landscaping?

Although there is no single definition, landscaping is considered as the activity that modifies the visible, physical and emotional characteristics of a space, both rural and urban, to express aesthetic and cultural values.

Activities such as growing plants, shaping natural elements, creating structures and abstract elements, are considered part of landscaping, since it not only appeals to the visual but also to the multidimensionality of space.

Thus, landscaping is considered both art and science, which requires skills such as observation, design, planning, creativity, organization and imagination, covering different disciplines such as architecture, art, sociology, among others.

How did landscaping come about?

Although landscaping emerged in the Renaissance, this art was practiced in ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and the Persians. Later, civilizations such as Rome and Greece introduced gardening techniques.

Although lost strength in Medieval times , it was resumed during the Renaissance in Europe, in which purely aesthetic planting designs arose.

Also, pre-Hispanic cultures in Latin America learned to cultivate medicinal plants, food, and flowers that little by little became part of the ornamentation.

However, modern landscaping arose from the ecological-social conflicts derived from the Industrial Revolution, the first landscape architect being the American Frederick Law Olmsted, who in 1863 founded a modern study of this matter.

What does it mean today?

At present, landscaping is considered as a method or science to create collective works of art, that is, landscapes that integrate gardens or private estates with urban, metropolitan and regional landscapes.

If you want a budget to find out how landscaping can do wonders for your garden, do not hesitate to give it a chance at the hands of experts in the area who are in charge of applying the most advanced and professional techniques. Today, countless gardens in the San Francisco Bay Area have seen a new makeover from us.

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