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Date: 05/11/2022

What is artificial turf made of?

IIf you already have artificial grass installed in your patio or are thinking of installing it, we are very sure that the question «How do they make artificial grass?» or “What is artificial turf made of?” have crossed your mind. And yes, it really does require certain materials and fibers that pack perfectly together to make a great impression as artificial grass.

Here we show you how artificial turf is made, the components of artificial turf and the bases of artificial turf.

What is artificial turf made of?

Currently, most installed artificial turf systems include a drain pad, a multi-layer construction system, and tough «grass» blades set in a granular infill that resembles natural grass in appearance. Artificial grass blades are interspersed with a topsoil created from sand and/or granulated recycled tire rubber or other fill materials that provide the necessary stability, uniformity and resilience.

In the case of determining the length of the grass and the processing system, these are determined by the requirements of the specific activity in which the grass is going to be used. Because, generally, the artificial turf system includes an elastic turf pad or layer.


  • Fibers. Set of green filaments (threads) that together make up the green mantle of synthetic grass. Normally the fiber consists of two parts: a straight thread and another curly thread whose function is fundamentally to give support to the straight thread so that it is maintained over time.
  • Curly. The curly of artificial turf refers to the fine threads, generally beige or yellowish, that are found between the straight threads. They ensure that the fibers remain upright and also give a more realistic touch.
  • Micron. Thickness of the thread in thousandths of a millimeter.
  • Gauge. Distance between the stitching rows of the threads. In landscaping, for example, on average it is 3/8 of an inch. They depend on the fiber and purpose of the installation.
  • Stitches. Number per linear meter of the stitches on each sewing line. The artificial turf must have a sufficient number of stitches to achieve a good density of the turf.
  • Cape. Number of ends – bristles – of a fiber in each stitch.
  • Primary Backing Layer. The support on which the fibers are anchored and fixed. It is a fabric made as a polypropylene (PP) raffia on which the grass fibers are woven.
  • Secondary or latex backing layer. It is the finishing coat. It is important for durability. Layer of latex (cheaper, but worse in quality) or polyurethane that joins the fibers with the primary backing. It is applied in liquid form on the primary fabric so that it penetrates between the fibers and finally it is dried in the oven.
  • Decitex (DTEX). Yarn measurement unit that includes the weight in grams of 10,000 meters of yarn. The lower the Dtex, the less thickness in fibers or less width is the yarn.

Turf foundations

The most common bases are made of latex or polyurethane. They differ in their adherence, resistance and drainage capacity.

Latex: it is a very generalized and basic option, ideal for temperate climates since it does not accept temperature variations or very cold climates well. It is an economical and suitable solution for indoor and outdoor use such as balconies, terraces and patios, for example, or areas with little traffic and where the ornamental function prevails.

Polyurethane: it is the most beneficial material of all, insofar as its durability, resistance and stability is the greatest of all, achieving a perfect fixation to any surface. Other great advantages are that it is not affected by temperature changes, so that its stability is maintained without expanding or shrinking due to the action of heat, and that it weighs less, which allows for more comfortable handling during installation. In addition, polyurethane is an environmentally friendly and recyclable material. Ideal for exteriors that are going to be used very frequently.

components of what artificial turf is made of
Most installed artificial turf systems include a drain pad, a multi-layer construction system, and tough «grass» blades set in a granular infill that resembles natural grass in appearance.

what is artificial turf made of installed for Go Green?

We at Go Green seek to install quality materials in all of our projects. In the case of artificial grass, we look for the best fibers that are resistant and perfectly compacted with each other. Of course, after knowing what the client’s need is.

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