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Date: 03/30/2023

Keys to create a vertical garden on the terrace or inside

The lack of space is no longer an excuse for not having a garden at home. Not even the fact of not having a terrace or patio. Vertical garden arrive to bring you the natural beauty of plants without stealing a square meter. Also, you can create them outdoors or indoors.

Unlimited Variety

However, there is a more than interesting alternative for those who want to enjoy their own garden space: vertical gardens.

Creating a green wall on the terrace or in the living room is a great idea to bring freshness and naturalness to the environment. In addition, there are endless possibilities: it can be natural, artificial or preserved plants. The first option involves watering and care, but the second and third, with hardly any maintenance, are perfect for all those who don’t have a hand for plants but don’t want to give them up. Or for those who don’t have time to take care of them. Be that as it may, there is always an option to put a green touch in your home and in your life.

The terrace, the perfect location for a vertical garden

A small outdoor space, little more than a balcony, is all you need to create your vertical garden. Therefore, if your terrace is too small to accommodate a typical garden, now you can explore this landscaping trend that takes advantage of any space and places the plants on the wall. Opt for a garden of live and natural species and, in this way, you will see them grow brimming with beauty and health.

An artificial garden full of beauty

Do you love plants but find it difficult to take care of them? There are many people to whom something similar happens. They love to surround themselves with flowers and plant species but they can’t see them grow, because they end up withering and dying. If this is your case, you no longer have to give up the possibility of decorating your home with plants. You can create a beautiful and durable artificial vertical garden. The key to success, in addition to finding the best location for your garden, is opting for top-quality materials that faithfully mimic the look and feel of authentic plants. There is a wide variety at your fingertips.

Among the advantages that artificial gardens have is the fact that they do not require any care or maintenance, beyond periodic cleaning to remove dust that may accumulate in them.

The magic of the preserved flower

Halfway between live and artificial plants are preserved ones, an option to consider especially if you want to set up your vertical garden indoors. These are totally natural plants that have been subjected to a special process that, through a preservative liquid, manages to maintain their beauty and fresh appearance for months without the need for watering or other care. It is a great way to have a vertical garden at home, fresh and natural, which also allows you to forget about taking care of it. They are all advantages.

If this still doesn’t convince you to create a vertical garden, we have no idea what might convince you. Vertical gardens are an incredible option that is being used all over the world.

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