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Date: 03/25/2022

Types of artificial turf

There are many arguments in favor of choosing synthetic grass for your home, but choosing the right types of artificial grass can seem like a maze. Mainly, the best choice will be based on your needs, once you think about the use you have reserved for that artificial lawn and the budget you have for your new installation.

Next, we tell you the guidelines to follow so that you can choose the most useful artificial grass for you:

artificial grass in swimming pools

Place where you are going to install it

At Go Green we have a wide variety of artificial grass models that adapt to your environment. All of them are manufactured to enjoy the rooms where they are installed, especially in outdoor areas. Some of the most common uses are:

  • Garden
  • Courtyards
  • Swimming pools
  • Terraces
  • Pets
  • Residences
  • Children’s parks
  • Companies
  • Public Areas

Each of the products has been developed with specific technologies that adapt to the most diverse uses.

Budget for installation of any types of artificial grass

Go Green has different types of artificial grass, although all of them are of the highest quality, and we advise you to make the best choice. One of the main characteristics to take into account to know the price of the models is the height of the fibers. The lower the height, the lower the specific weight of the product, so the price will normally be lower.

In addition, the different height categories have certain attributes offered by the artificial turf installation:

High fiber

Fibers from 40 to 60 mm in height. We recommend this artificial turf lawn installation for its high comfort, great naturalness and similarity in appearance to natural grass. Perfect for surfaces such as children’s play areas, high standing gardens, or chillout type areas.

These models are manufactured with modern technology that offers greater luxuriance to the curl and maximum softness. In addition, you should know that it recovers quickly from footsteps and remains in good condition for longer, it is ideal for backyard grass.

Medium fiber

Fibers from 30 to 40 mm in height. It is your best value for money alternative. The height of 35mm is ideal since it has the best possible recovery technology after the tread of the market. Without a doubt the best choice if your intention is to decorate your garden area, an area around swimming pools or if you have pets. Now your green areas will be perfect!

Short fiber

Fibers from 20 to 30mm in height. This range is recommended in places with greater traffic. For example: lawn for shopping malls, terraces, pet sites and balconies. If the need is an intensive use lawn for spaces of all kinds, this range is created to satisfactorily withstand footsteps in environments with a large influx of people.

artificial grass on fields

Choose your ideal lawn

Do you already know which of these types of artificial grass is best suited to what you need?

The most important thing is to know that you want to install artificial grass and to know the use that these rolls of plastic grass will have, from there, to the installation, there are few steps. Our expert and trained staff will know how to guide you if you contact them to learn a little more about installation budgets or design recommendations. Dare to enjoy synthetic grass!

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