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Date: 04/20/2022

Tips to restore and paint your deck

Before you restore and paint your deck, you’ll know to clean it of any blemishes or chips that are all over the surface. If you haven’t done so, you can follow this deck surface preparation guide here, where we explain how to clean your deck before going on to restore and paint it.
Here we present the most important tips that you should know yes or yes before restoring and painting your deck.


  • Oil

Natural oil is the fixed option if you want to preserve the color of the wood on your terrace. Due to its material, this type of oil will protect the wood for much longer, in addition to the fact that they are also available in stains to combine with any type of wooden platform that you already have installed.

  • Stain

If your deck is treated pine or the wood is already so weathered that it has lost its color, staining will eliminate this headache. It will change the color of the wood and there are multiple color options to choose from, including the range of blue, green and gray, if you want to dare to have an unusual terrace.

  • Painting

It is the option that we all like the most to restore and paint your deck, it can work for you to go over a surface that you have already painted or combine your terrace with other colors that you already have in your patio. Currently there are paints designed for roofs, which will make the paint last longer intact. To know how to choose it, check in detail that the product contains the label «Paint for floors» or «paint for terraces».


To some extent, choosing between paint and stain to restore your deck is a matter of taste, but paint is thicker and more durable, while stain needs to be reapplied more often. As a general rule, deck stain is designed for use on bare or unpainted wood surfaces because, while it imparts some color, it also allows the wood grain to show through. Deck stains come in various opacities; some offer just a hint of color, while others are semi-transparent or nearly opaque. The more pigments a stain contains, the more color it will impart. Most deck stains also include a sealer that helps protect the wood from the elements. Choosing between paint and stain requires understanding the differences between the two products.


The tools chosen to apply the new finish also deserve consideration.

  • Roller: The best tool for applying new paint is a paint roller. A roller speeds up the painting process and provides an even layer of paint. The roller handle connects to an extension pole, making it easy to paint while standing.
  • Stain Pads – Designed to speed the application of stain to bare wood decks, Stain Pads feature absorbent material, such as foam, and also have the ability to connect to an extension pole.
  • Brushes – Keep a few brushes on hand to paint in tight spots, like when it’s time to paint the deck railing or other places a roller won’t fit.
  • Paint tray: If you have decided to use paint, the indispensable tool is a paint tray that stores and renders the paint as well as helping to drain the roller and avoid wasting material.
  • Safety glasses: Safety glasses will make your life incredibly easy to avoid discomfort, irritation or even, since you’ll be working with wood, the occasional splinter may jump. If you wear safety glasses, you will save yourself any trouble.

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