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Date: 05/02/2022

Tips for good maintenance of natural grass

Everyone’s dream is to have a garden with natural grass that stands out for its bright green color and is uniform throughout the garden. That is why it is important to follow the tips for good maintenance of natural grass that is not just watering and pruning.

The installation of artificial grass will bring comfort and elegance to patio areas or swimming pools. The grass is always subjected to footsteps or bearing weight, with the aim of remaining radiant throughout its life.

Also, to know what the grass will have to resist, you should take into account if its installation will be accompanied by the sun’s rays or if it will be covered by a shade from a tree or roof.

Depending on the type of soil, the type of maintenance it receives will also depend, so here we present a series of tips for the good maintenance of your natural grass.

Mow and irrigate

  • Mowing

Mowing natural grass is one of the best-known tasks for the good maintenance of this type of grass. The best time to receive the first cut is between 10 o 15 days after installation. In summer, once a week. And, in winter, every 20 or 30 days.

  • Irrigation

Undoubtedly, the key movement for the good maintenance of natural grass is irrigation. In hot weather, twice a day will keep the garden fresh and bright if this habit is done three times a week. Nowadays, relying on an automatic irrigation system is the best technique to keep the lawn hydrated.

  • Scarification and aeration

It is well known that natural grass is subjected to these techniques, which are key in the proper maintenance of natural grass, to prevent compaction of the grass and the growth of moss.

To aerate it, it is enough to pierce the lawn regularly. If it is done in spring and autumn, it is enough to loosen the grass.

And scarification raises what is known as «felt» (crushed grass, roots, and caked-on soil).

In this spring season, when the lawn starts its brightness and greenery machine, it is when it is more appropriate to aerate the lawn to ensure its good maintenance.

fertilizing the lawn is necessary

Fertilize and compact are two good tips for good maintenance

  • Fertilizers

With these chemicals, the natural grass will be encouraged to grow more vigorous and robust, adding a character resistant to foot traffic and preventing the growth of some weeds.

Depending on the type of grass and soil, a greater or lesser amount of fertilizer will be needed to ensure the good maintenance of the natural grass. Fertilizing the lawn is one of the favorite tasks of gardeners between the months of March and November, generally once every 3 or 4 weeks, uniformly throughout the land and taking care that the granules are not exceeded.

The dose of general fertilizers to be applied is between 30 and 35 grams per square meter of surface. It seems important to emphasize that the fertilizer must be moistened later with an irrigation so that it is slowly released.

If the area where we have natural grass planted usually has irrigation water with a lot of salt accumulation (hard water), it is better to always look for those nutrients that do not have chlorine in their composition.

  • Rolled

It is a technique that little is known, to contradict aeration, but, depending on the state of the lawn, one of these two techniques helps more.

Rolling compacts the lawn, which is why it is an excellent technique for dry soils. If there is any seeding or reseeding in the lawn, it is also a very good idea to consider rolling to support good maintenance of the natural grass.

In addition, if the surface is at an irregular level due to wear or use, using rolling seems essential.

removing weeds is part of good garden maintenance

Remove or replant is key to good maintenance

  • Weed Removal

Possessing the incredible fortune of a natural grass in your garden, brings the small commitment of eliminating weeds.

In the services of good maintenance of natural grass lies the elimination of weeds.

With patience and time, taking into account the appearance of the lawn, if it is a small garden, an annual removal will suffice. But, in large gardens, advice can be taken from the application of pesticides.

  • Reseeding

If you planted natural grass in your garden for the first time, it is inevitable that bald patches will appear in some areas, because it is almost impossible to plant a patio regularly and uniformly the first time.

Don’t worry, it happens even in the best gardens.

You should know that, before sowing again, you should aerate and loosen the soil a bit in the baldest areas. The perfect seasons to carry out this task is in the beginning of spring and in autumn.

Replant, fertilizer and irrigation.

This is how grass rolls are installed
This is how grass rolls are installed

At Go Green Landscape we are a team prepared to maintain and care for a garden by following all these tips that we have prepared for you. If you’re looking to give your garden some love, contact us and we’ll give you a totally free estimate.

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