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Date: 03/16/2023

10 Reasons Why You Need A Landscaper To Design Your Garden

Whether you have a large garden or a normal terrace, a landscaper is also for you. With its help you will make your outdoor spaces look as you want: fresh, comfortable and beautiful.

1. Because landscapers know about gardens

The work of a landscaper combines the aesthetic part of decorating a terrace or garden with the practice related to its sustainability. You know you need a landscaper when you discover that you want to have your own garden space in which you see your most personal tastes reflected and where you enjoy. Having a landscaper is synonymous with wanting something more than a green space, it is creating a room where natural beauty and aesthetic sense go hand in hand.

2. Plants and flowers

Landscapers have the necessary knowledge to choose suitable plants and flowers for your space. They will advise you on the best varieties with which to take advantage of the space and that best adapt to the place where the garden, patio or terrace is, depending on the weather conditions. A landscaper always takes into account what are the best climatic conditions for choosing the species that will be used in the preparation of the garden and what is the appropriate situation for the disposition of the rest of the elements that make up.

3. More than just plants and vegetation

A landscaper designs your outdoor space with green in mind and beyond. In other words, he decorates your garden or terrace with the appropriate furniture, he proposes the areas you need depending on your tastes and use of the garden but also its dimensions. See where to place the seating area, the dining room or if a couple of loungers are necessary by the pool. He will take special care of the lighting project, so important to create atmosphere in a garden when night falls. And the shaded areas during the day, so that the exterior can be used in the height of summer.

4. Pools, ponds and fountains

When there is space, having a water area in the garden is wonderful. Another reason why you need to hire a landscaper is because they will visualize these elements in your space. He will know how to guide you about where to place the pool, the most appropriate shape and even the type of pool (salt water, conventional, natural, sand…). Also if you can create a shower space on the terrace to cool off on the hottest days or a decorative fountain.

5. Materials and coatings for your outdoor space

The landscaper’s work does not end in this, another reason why you will love having one in your life is because it will advise you on materials and coatings that are suitable and adapted for the exterior. These must always have special characteristics to withstand the elements so that the garden or terrace remains in good condition over the years.

6. Pots and irrigation systems

The landscaper designs your outdoor space thinking about the aesthetics of those pots and planters that house the plants but also that they are beneficial for the chosen varieties. And this is not only influenced by the design, dimensions and materials, but also by the irrigation system. It is a matter of ensuring that the plants on the terrace or in the garden are well cared for, remain shiny and are sustainable with a moderate use of water.

7. Because a landscaper designs gardens and terraces of any size

We make the mistake of thinking that a landscaper is only for those who have a house with a large garden, but the reality is that they adapt the work to any extension. Whether it is a garden, an attic terrace, an interior patio or a balcony. You may need a large expanse of grass and large trees or just a solution for a planter or several or you want plants that help you create a natural concealment system on your urban terrace.

The size of the outdoor space to be decorated is not a problem to create a balanced environment that invites you to enjoy yourself as soon as a ray of sun comes out. To define the environment a landscaper is necessary. The merit of many landscapes, even those that seem very natural and wild, is that all of it, even that feeling of naturalness, responds to a previous concept, design and intention.

8. The work of a landscaper: from design to execution

Think that you can count on the advice of a landscaper to help you with the design of your terrace and then be the one who puts the ideas into practice or that he and his team take care of all the issues, that is, design and execution, so that you only take care of enjoying.

It is essential to feel comfortable in these outdoor spaces. To achieve this, the first thing is to identify what we want to feel in this space and what we are going to use it for. It is the basis for achieving the perfect design of a garden or terrace, since this is how we make it a personal and unique space.

9. Maintenance included

Another reason why you should encourage yourself to hire the service of a landscaper is that it can include the maintenance of what you design and thus make sure that everything will remain in perfect condition season after season. This service is especially useful if you love that your garden and terrace are always green but you have no idea of ​​gardening.

10. How much does it cost to hire a landscape designer?

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