Your future garden can have cactus and look great!

Did you know the benefits of using desert plants?

Desert plants have the gift of being able to store water within themselves in order to survive the coming droughts. If you change the concept of your garden to a desert concept full of cacti and succulents, you will be ensuring a water-saving garden.

A great advantage of desert plants is their great ability to adapt to the environment. And that you can find plants of different shapes and sizes. And it is that they have a very curious mechanism: their roots extend into the earth until they find underground water that allows them to live peacefully.

Don’t be afraid to discover a new ecosystem that can contribute to caring for the planet and create a new design in your home garden.

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A saving technique: Xeriscaping.


You can get a higher refund if you use more economical irrigation controllers and avoid installing abundant irrigation controllers.

Xeriscaping, is a saving technique that has been implemented in recent years related to water saving. It has the potential to reduce water use and maintenance, improve biodiversity, reduce pollution and mitigate heat within urban areas.

The vegetation used for urban green spaces, is native to the area. Therefore, they are less expensive and require less assistance to acclimatize and survive in the environment compared to imported vegetation.

Basically, it is a different technique from landscaping, it is aimed at highlighting the natural beauty of a garden with plants from that soil, which makes it require less water and less fertilizer, this according to the land that is predisposed to feed that plant.

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