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Date: 03/17/2023

Maintenance Garden in Spring

The entrance of spring is universally known for being the moment in which the garden sways with greater attractiveness and the flowers dress up. Their entire process has passed and they are ready to shine with all of themselves. With the arrival of good weather, the frosts are left behind and the sadness of winter gives way to the explosion of flowering. The cold can damage garden species, but the sun and high temperatures are just as or more dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended to take into account some aspects to take care of the garden in spring.

  • Mow and fertilize the lawn. From March to October, the grass must be mowed at least once a week so that it grows green and shiny. When cutting it weekly, the soil loses nutrients, for this reason you have to make sure that it always has fertilizer. In this case, make sure you are cutting trees at least twice a month. The aeration of the lawn promotes aeration, regrowth and regeneration of the lawn.Plant fertilization. Once the aeration and pruning have been done, it is essential to proceed with the spring fertilization. It is a basic step in lawn service. The subscriber is applicable both for the lawn, the planters, as well as for the rockeries and solids.
  • Fertilizing in early spring. Encourages root and leaf growth, and helps plants replenish minerals and recover from the cold endured during winter.
  • Spring is the time for flowering but also for sowing. Some flowers are planted in the spring, such as petunias, lilies or roses. Try planting new species in your garden in spring, flowers, shrubs or planting trees at the same height as the ground, without adding more soil.
  • Avoid watering in the hottest hours. It is better to do it during the first hours of the day or during sunset. The water evaporates less than during the central hours of the day.
  • Remove what gets in the way. If you have trees or shrubs, it is advisable to update with a pruning service, weed removal, dry leaves or branches that have not withstood the frost and do a stump grinding. It will allow the sun and air to reach all the plants correctly.
  • Get rid of annoying insects. Aphids, mites, worms, slugs, and snails **often attack plants that are still in cocoon form. Therefore, carefully checking the garden for unsavory company is a primary task when spring begins.
  • Throw on a thin layer of wood chips. You will get a kind of natural protection, which will help maintain the roots of plants that are going to flourish. It will also retain moisture in the soil and prevent weeds from spreading.
  • Reseeding of the lawn. If you have a «bald spot» or sparse area on your garden lawn, take the opportunity to find a grass rejuvenation. In this case the grass seed mixture is spread directly on the ground. Or, to be sure of great results, hire a team of experts.
  • Reproduce the plants. Early spring is also the perfect time to sow saved seeds.
Garden in spring
The best time to consider garden maintenance is spring

If you were wondering when to do it, the time has come. Use any small container: pots, trays or even cardboard egg cups and fill them with an appropriate substrate that retains a certain degree of moisture.

All these recommendations are ideal for this spring time, where flowers, shrubs, trees stand out, and the entire garden becomes the greatest attraction of any home. If you want your garden to be one of those that are in its best condition, hire a professional team that knows how to perform the garden maintenance you need. With all these instructions and the right tools, you will have guaranteed results if you contact Go Green immediately.

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