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Date: 10/26/2022

How to remove weeds from the lawn with tools, mower or herbicides

If your dream is to have a large and lush garden, or perhaps not so large, but one that is healthy and bright, you will surely want to learn the art of keeping your garden free of weeds. There are precisely some times of the year when you have to have a more critical eye with your garden for optimal growth and development of your plants and trees.
If you are convinced to fight against weeds by yourself, we recommend you read this guide where you will see the different methods to remove weeds from the garden. If not, you know that at Go Green you can find a team of professionals who are experts in removing weeds or taking care of your garden.

Today, there are various tools that will help you forget about lawn weeds. You can choose by machinery, such as the brushcutter and the lawnmower. And you could also consider the use of herbicides, they are chemicals that will effectively do their job of getting rid of weeds. It all depends on your level of skill, the time and desire you have to take care of the job one-on-one, the size of your garden and your budget.

How to cut grass with weeds?

Good advice is never late.
From today you can start applying these tips, even if you already have a weed problem in your garden. By following these tips, you will significantly reduce the amount of weeds in your garden.

  • The ideal cut: the belief is more or less widespread that a tall lawn is safer and is more protected against insects and diseases. But letting it grow too long is also not good. There is no one size that is suitable for all types of natural grass, but we can tell you that it is best to never cut more than a third of the blade.
  • Proper irrigation: to avoid the spread of weeds throughout the lawn area, make sure to water the lawn with the most suitable irrigation system and with the amount of water it needs.
  • Constant control: it doesn’t take long for a seemingly harmless clump of weeds to turn into a bunch of hard-to-cut weeds. To avoid this, walk often in the garden to control its appearance. And, if you find weeds, do not hesitate to uproot them as soon as they appear on the ground.

Methods and tools to remove weeds from the lawn

How to remove weeds from the lawn and what tools to use for it?
It is one of the most frequent questions that our clients ask us once we finish installing a garden.
These are the manual methods and tools that have been shown to be most effective in removing weeds from the lawn:

By hand: If there are not many weeds in your garden yet, or if it is small, do not rule out the possibility of pulling the weeds by hand. It seems somewhat tedious, but it is precise and effective if the amount of weeds is not much.
With hoes: A narrow hoe or weeder is a tool that can greatly facilitate this manual task. And, if it also has a long handle, the work will be much more comfortable.

With a lawnmower: Using a lawnmower for weeding is especially suitable on larger plots or where the weeds have already gained a lot of ground. Of course, the machine must have a good lateral unloading system, so that jams do not occur if the undergrowth is very thick.
With brushcutters: precisely in gardens where the weeds are thick enough, our recommendation is to use a brushcutter. With it, weeds will be eliminated at ground level and you can also outline the edges of the lawn.

Remove weeds with herbicides

Lawn herbicides

The environmental impact of herbicides is one of the reasons why their use is not in our priorities. However, science has advanced to the point of bringing a type of ecological herbicide to the market, which ensures that you obtain equally good results without damaging the environment too much.

Effective options to eliminate weeds with ecological herbicides are:

Thermal herbicide: an extractor or a thermal burner is responsible for killing weeds in this case. You can choose between a gas or electric thermal weed killer, and all you have to do is direct it towards the unwanted grass to kill it, as if it were a blowtorch.

Nettle slurry: this natural product has herbicidal properties and is obtained from the fermentation of tender nettle leaves in rainwater. The filtered mixture will be the one that you will spray with a sprayer on the weeds, to definitively kill them.

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