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Date: 03/28/2022

How is the maintenance of large areas?

Green is the color best seen by the human eye. In addition, green is related to such positive things that it even has a relaxing effect on the brain, therefore green areas in cities, hospitals and workplaces are stimulating and increase our physical and mental well-being. There is no doubt that the maintenance of these areas is always a primary task.

But enticing consumers with a more relaxing environment isn’t the only benefit of paying attention to the outdoors. Green areas also increase the value of the property due to its modern landscape design, increase the productivity of workers by 20% and reduce the ecological footprint of companies. Given these advantages, the maintenance of green areas is important in infrastructures such as:

  • Hotels
  • malls
  • office buildings
  • sports complexes
  • schools
  • private condos
  • university campuses.

What is the management of outdoor space and the maintenance of green areas?

The maintenance of outdoor spaces includes not only the green areas, but also all the surrounding infrastructure: paths, gates, access ramps, lighting, benches, pergolas, dining tables, drinking water fountains, irrigation systems, fountains and artificial ponds, among others. Moreover, in the long term, the maintenance of these infrastructures is essential for the garden to remain faithful to the original project. Although the gardens need regular maintenance to remain lush, the plants and shrubs grow and become more beautiful over time if a tree care service is requested. On the other hand, infrastructures degrade and lose beauty and functionality. With the problem, of course, that they are difficult to remodel without destroying part of the garden that has taken so many years to build. For this reason, the management of outdoor spaces includes:

Garden maintenance. Yard maintenance and yard cleaning includes tasks such as mowing the lawn, tree trimming, tree cutting and tree pruning, taking care of ornamental gardens, removing weeds, watering the soil, fertilizing, controlling pests, cleaning leaves and trash, pruning trees at risk of falling, stump grinding, removing snow and hail.

Maintenance of electromechanical equipment. The maintenance of electric gates, irrigation sprinklers and micro-sprinklers, sensors, lighting, alarms, water recirculation systems in ornamental fountains or artificial ponds and water analysis. May also occasionally include repair of utility vehicles (for example, golf carts), lawn mowers, trimmers, and power hedge trimmers

Maintenance of other outdoor areas. In many cases, other outdoor areas such as playgrounds, playgrounds, eating areas, porches, parking lots, and access structures need to be maintained. This type of maintenance requires a third group of professionals, in addition to gardeners and electromechanical technicians.

Always keep in mind that gardens and green areas, indoors and outdoors, are delicate spaces and their correct maintenance, protection and conservation contribute to offering a better image of any company, office, university, hospital or place.

The landscaping service is an essential option when thinking of an attractive, orderly, structured place with ready-to-run functions if you want to have a green area in any infrastructure. At Go Green we are designers of green areas and we carry out this arduous task.

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