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Date: 04/20/2023

Drainage Systems in San Francisco

What is a Drain?

Drains, used both in buildings and in civil works, are systems designed to capture and filter runoff water from the land and prevent it from stagnating, with the risk of leaking into nearby walls.

What is a French Drain?

It is a basic design that takes advantage of scientific laws to quickly and effectively drain excess water from a given location. Gravity acts on water to pull it into the ground, but water will always take the path of least resistance, so you can install a French drain, which creates an ideal path for water to pass through a hollow, perforated tube below. of multiple layers of stone or gravel.

For example, during a severe storm, water can collect around the foundation of the house and eventually leak into the basement because it does not have a drainage pipe. However, installing a French drain around the foundation helps draw water out of the house into the hollow drain pipe, taking advantage of water’s tendency to take the path of least resistance.

French Drain

What Is Catch Basins?

A catch basin is essentially a drainage solution for landscaping systems. This item typically contains a grate with a pipe used to drain excess water through and away from the area. Catch basins are generally connected to a plumbing system that directs the water and extra debris to a sewage facility, reservoir, or sump.

Catch basins utilize a grate to collect water and debris like sticks, leaves, and other small items from the street and surrounding area. When a community experiences flooding, catch basins can work wonders for removing excess water and preventing flood damage to homes and businesses nearby.

When the catch basin reaches a certain water level, the water travels down the inlet/outlet pipe to a new location. Catch basins are incredibly essential in removing excessive water and melted snow and transporting it to nearby natural resources.

Catching Basin

Whats Is Waterproofing?

Preventing water from seeping into basements requires choosing the right waterproofing system and installing it correctly.
Foundation waterproofing is important because it protects any underground structure from water ingress as well as potential radon protection with the right type of products. By preventing water and soil gases from entering a property, you mitigate the risk of significant damage to belongings and protect the health of the inhabitants. It is even more important for properties located in areas at risk of flooding or with high groundwater levels.

Waterproof exterior

These three types of drainage are the most suitable in the city of San Francisco. The rainy season is when most people resort to installing a drainage system, but we recommend not waiting for the most critical moment to install a drainage system. In any case, if you are still in an emergency and want to take care of your home from what stagnant rains can do to it, ask for a budget to understand which drainage system is the most appropriate.

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