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Date: 04/29/2022

Drainage system of a retaining wall

One of the main causes of failures in retaining walls is stagnant water.

When a retaining wall drain is constructed, without sufficient materials for water runoff, this is due to failure of the drainage system.

This can cause the structure to fail much sooner than it normally would.

When the retaining wall is below the water table or rubs against it (surface where water pressure and atmospheric pressure coincide).

Whether permanently or occasionally, it is known that water is a factor that will generate disturbances in the wall.

Likewise, even if it is only an earth retaining wall or for the garden, drainage must be made in the retaining wall to avoid failures.

To avoid inconvenience, at the time of design, calculation and construction of the retaining wall, proper drainage for the retaining wall must be established.


What are the elements contained in a retaining wall drainage system?

Geotextiles: Through their resistance to perforation and traction, they can protect waterproofing sheets and have a high drainage capacity.

Draining pipe: It resists the ravages of the weather and once and for all prevents crystallization in the drainage of the retaining wall, in addition to being light and adapting to curved drains and it is economical.

Gravel Filter: The retaining wall drainage system containing a gravel filter will cover the entire lateral plane of the retaining wall. It will be made up of a linear drain on the foot of the wall and a porous screen placed on the drain.

Waterproofing mantle: It is recognized in many other constructions. It is a membrane made of distilled asphalt with an internal reinforcement of glass vibes and a black polyethylene lamination. It is flexible and elastic, including that it adheres to the concrete in its entirety, preventing the invasion of water.

building a retaining wall

Under normal conditions, drainage through the drainage sheet and waterproofing will suffice. Because, although a retaining wall drainage system has all the elements mentioned above, it may be necessary to build temporary berms or ditches to divert water runoff from the construction zone.

To avoid the concentration of water and ensure proper functioning of the drainage system in the retaining wall, the location of the drinking and/or waste water network and the proximity of drains must be verified and determined.

All these drainage techniques in the installation of a retaining wall are assured if its construction is carried out under a team of experts. At Go Green we are professionals in the construction of retaining walls with satisfactory drainage systems. Ask for your budget immediately (free) and install your retaining wall before the weekend.


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