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Date: 03/23/2022

Artificial turf colors

In the different ranges of the artificial turf combined colors and different texture games are found, opening a long list of options to choose from the tastes. From Go Green we recommend choosing tonalities that combine with the surroundings around the area where you want to install. For example, the Bay Area Turf is different from the lawn installed in New York.

  • Mixtures of different tonalities:

The more mixed the colors and textures are, the more similar it will be to the natural grass, in which they are shown of different green and also brown and beige.

Therefore, a turf with this varied combination will offer much more naturalness. It is the one that is usually present in the high-end models, to offer the maximum realism and the best aesthetics in the turf artificial installation.

  • Most monochromatic options:

Sometimes there is not much realism or naturalness and, simply, a more economical and monocolored product is required with which to cover some surface.

In that case, it can be laying artificial turf colors with more basic and lower ranges models, with monochromatic tones and without texture games.

  • Soft texture and durability:

The artificial turf, made with polyethylene and polypropylene fibers, must be smooth, but also lasting; You should not choose very fine models for areas of a lot of traffic, because they can be damaged before.

The filaments of the fake turf grass should be very thin can be used in decorative and less traveled areas.

How is the lawn that we are going to buy?

The artificial turf that is purchased comes in rolls, the majority usually have two meters wide. It is something that should be taken into account the measure to which they should be cut and to know that they have to join in sections, this is already known by the artificial turf contractors.

It is a process that is always better if it is performed by professionals, so we recommend you to go to experts in installation as to artificial turf in San Francisco, in Go Green we are specialists in artificial turf facilities. On the other hand, the length of the artificial turf rolls will vary depending on the need of the client.

What covers and what does each model offer?

It is important that the manufacturer be recognized and that offers a good product guarantee. Depending on the artificial turf ranges, conditions or others are offered. It is very important to explain well the use that you want to give to the artificial Turf Lawn Installation, to take advantage of the conditions and guarantee times of each model.

It will also be important an adequate maintenance of the artificial turf so that the useful life of the same as possible, regardless of the years of guarantee of the product. In this case, we must also resort to professionals for the cleaning of the artificial synthetic grass.

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