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Date: 03/30/2022

10 Tips For The Maintenance And Care of Your Garden

Maintenance Garden

Everyone wants to have a beautiful garden, but few know everything behind it. Caring for gardens is a complex task that requires knowledge, perseverance and dedication, which is why there is a whole labor sector associated with the care and maintenance of gardens. Grandmas always have useful advice when it comes to taking care of plants, maintaining trees, grass, soil and flowers in the garden, that’s why Grandma’s garden will always be the best in the world, but yours can make you feel proud too. In this post we are going to delve into the best tips for keeping your garden well cared for and yard cleaning.

  • Take advantage of the light As important as water is, so is the direction in which the light shines on your plants. Control the lights and shadows that occur in your garden well to protect those plants and flowers that do not need as much light or those that the heat can harm. Look for the spaces with the greatest sun exposure for those other plants that require constant sunlight to look more beautiful and active.
  • Water frequently It is obvious that water is essential for a garden to look shiny, healthy and green. Don’t forget about irrigation, hire the installation of efficient irrigation systems and don’t forget to program them and perform maintenance on them. Water is life and in summer it is essential to worry about watering every day and at times when the sun does not hit much.
  • Keep the land free of weeds Keep a close eye on the state of your garden to keep it free of weeds. There are many products such as herbicides that can be of great help to control unwanted plants and weeds. A garden requires regular care and maintenance to look perfect, so weed removal should never be underestimated.
  • Choose your plants well It is convenient to choose well the plants that we want to plant and also do it at the ideal time. Choose plants that do not require too much maintenance if you do not have time to take care of them, bet on suitable flowers for each season of the year and choose what you are going to plant based on the characteristics of your garden (type of soil, irrigation, sun exposure…) For this type of case, it is best to hire a landscaping service.
  • Use compost The fertilizer completes the essential trio for a plant or tree to grow together with water and light. It enriches the soil and offers nutrients to your plants and flowers to make sure they have everything they need to grow strong and colorful. Choose organic fertilizers and have the soil prepared for cultivation so you can count on grass rejuvenation.
  • Pest control Just as important as monitoring the appearance of weeds is to be aware of pests. Insecticides and fungicides are vital at many times to protect or cure our pests and flowers. Be observant and check that your vegetation is healthy before it is too late to act.
  • Pay attention to the pruning season It is important to do the pruning shrubs or plants at the right time. Each fruit tree or plant has its time to be pruned, worry about knowing the best season to prune each of your plantations and knowing the most efficient techniques to prune your bushes, plants or trees, or, if you prefer, hire a pruning service.
  • Lawncare Taking care of the lawn is a job that requires perseverance and meeting more than one of the points on this list. Removing weeds, scheduling irrigation, taking into account the light, and having the right material to cut the lawn are essential tasks. Having the lawn in good condition is more than half of the appearance of a garden and it is really easy to keep it short and in good condition.
  • Use good tools Garden tools are essential to take care of your green areas. There is a series of essential tools for any care such as pruning shears, shovels, rakes or garden sweepers. Invest in a hedge trimmer, lawnmower or blower and everything will be much easier and faster. Taking care of the material and knowing how to use it means having a lot of work done.

All these recommendations are excellent if you want to have yard maintenance on your own, but the most outstanding recommendation is that if you do not have too much time to dedicate to your garden or you feel that your garden needs an expert hand, do not hesitate to hire a garden service, at Go Green we take care of the care and maintenance of your green areas. We are urban tree specialists and we know how to control and keep your lawn green and short, active irrigation, cleaning and pruning tasks and control pests and weeds. You will not need or have tools, since we have all the material and machinery.

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